Most of us have dreams and passions


Maybe you dabble in your art, just a little. Maybe you write short stories, dance in your living room,  sit in the park and sketch, play an instrument for your cat, sing in the shower. And maybe you do these things on a regular basis, but you never show anyone, or you never show anyone who can help you share your gift with the world.

A former dancer in LA with Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson who came back to Vancouver to inspire and empower young women through yoga and empowerment, and is now writing a book about it

 A former firefighter who always wanted to be a painter who now sells his work in Vancouver, LA and New York, sometimes for over $50k a piece

A woman who grew up in the hippie counter culture who took herself to New York at 13 to become and international model who then moved to Vancouver to become a best selling author

A singer songwriter who’s career took him to the top echelons of opening for the likes of Jason Miraz and Back Street Boys and then being randomly cut my LA Reid, and bouncing back into a whole new project on his own terms

And there are so many others out there that I want to interview and find out how did they overcome their fears, self doubt and overwhelm and what is their advice for others who want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to take a step.


I hope you find this blog inspiring. I hope you take some steps to pursue your dream.


And I want to hear all about your bold leaps here.  So tell me your story.

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